PRO NATURA FOUNDATION JAPAN (PNFJ) started in 1990 as based on personal donation by Mr. Hiroshi Okamoto and his wife Ms. Kazuko Okamoto who deeply loved nature, seriously worried about the poor status of nature conservation in Japan at that time, and wished to support nature conservation research and activities in Japan and overseas. It became an Incorporated Foundation in 1993, and was authorized as a Public Interest Incorporated Association in 2011. From the start up to the present, PNFJ has been granting subsidies to active groups for nature conservation research as well as nature conservation activities under the name of PRO NATURA FUND (PN FUND), aiming to support research and activities on environmental conservation and on biodiversity and ecosystem protection.
PN FUND comprises (1) Domestic Research Grant, (2) Domestic Activities Grant, (3) Overseas Grant, and (4) Specified Theme Grant. In addition, PNFJ provides Collaborative Research/Activity Grant and National Trust Activity Grant.

PN FUND Overseas Grant:

Overseas Grant is the grant for active groups to carry out nature conservation research/activities in areas other than Japan. The research/activities to be evaluated include investigations on nature conservation as well as environmental education for protection of wildlife, biodiversity and ecosystem in local regions. Normally, application starts in June and ends in mid-July.
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